E-journal for electrical and electronic engineers


vol. 7, nr 1 (23) 2016

Publ. 31.03.2016

Methods of Energy Storages Placement in Low Voltage Power Network

s. 16-21 DOI: 10.17274/AEZ .2016.23.02


The increasing number of renewable energy sources connected to the low voltage network (LV) causes that the quality of electricity in the network deteriorates. One of the methods of improving the quality is the installation of energy storages, ie. batteries, supercapacitors or flywheels. Energy storages can effect the load levelling, compensate reactive power and harmonics or reduce the load asymmetry [1]. The cost of purchase and operation of energy storages is unfortunately high. Therefore, we should focus on the adequate placement of the energy sources in the network. The article presents, on the basis of literature studies, a review of methods of the electrical energy storages placement in the LV network.


energy storage placement, low voltage network



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