E-journal for electrical and electronic engineers


Vol. 8, Nr 1(27) 2017

Publ. 31.03.2017

Generating the Output Voltages in the 5-phase Voltage Source Inverters 

s. 28–37 DOI: 10.17274/AEZ.2017.27.03


In the five-phase Voltage-Source Inverters, the activation of transistors results in simultaneous generation of two, interrelated

output voltage vectors. Control strategies for 5-phase induction motors require both voltage vectors generated in the inverter to have strictly

specified lengths and positions. Independent generation of two voltage vectors with the parameters determined in the induction motor

control system can be done by appropriate Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) strategy. This paper presents two methods of Space-Vector PWM

for five-phase inverters. Both solutions allow independent generation of both voltage harmonics with a higher priority of the first voltage



Space-Vector Pulse Width Modulation, five-phase inverter, electrical drive



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